Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trading instruments

This is part of our current surplus collection set for trading. From left to right: Lorenzo resonator tenor banjo, Don Jose Cuatro puertoriqueño, Musikalia octave mandolin/a, Gremlin/Musikalia tenor mandola, and a turkish oud. Possible deals to be considered are other plectrum instruments such as resonator mandolin, citterns, tenor archtop guitars, or bouzoukis. Some celtic woodwinds and bagpipes too. Contact: , 56-32-2799771 / 56-09-97641632. Nota bene: banjo tenor already sold.

Mexican voladores

An unique mexican ceremonial ritual has been going on twice a day at the plaza O'Higgins trought this weekend. They are the voladores totonacos de Papantla as we saw it dancing yesterday....
The instrument used to set the whole ceremonial rite is a small cane tabor pipe and a small drum that is played by the tamborilero while dancing at the top of a single 25 m tall maintop trunk.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Calle de los Niños

It had been a while since this family programme was presented in the streets. So to celebrate Christmas the new city council administration got back la Calle de los Niños through five blocks of Pedro Montt Avenue.
with chinchineros and organillo players
children rolling skating
graffiting cartoons on the street
or mimic singing
or being part of a children play by Maria bonita y Bombon
and the municipal children orchestra

Friday, December 19, 2008

Noche de balcones

Over 2000 people heard Nano Stern, Manuel García y Chinoy singing their songs at Plazuela Anibal Pinto lastnight . It was a nice show by these three songwriters, all of it part of the Rockodromo programme 2008.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Graduation time

As the end of the year is closing in graduation ceremonies are ubiquitous or almost everywhere. It is also the time of the year when the few bagpipers are required to play at these graduation ceremonies. Some schools such as the Mackay school require by tradition scottish bagpipers who besides one local piper are all members of the Santiago's Andes Highlanders pipeband. Other institutions use the asturian or galician pipers to fullfill the bagpiping requirement. So in the last two couple of weeks local bagpipers have been playing Auld Lang Syne, Gaudeamus Igitur and the like for graduations at primary schools, high schools and social academies where the piercing sound of the pipes is looked after to give a solemnity air to say farewell to the school year.

English Carols at St. Paul's

Lastnight, there was a Service of Carols and readings for Christmas based on the traditional "Nine lessons with carols" service held at the King´s college chapel, Cambridge at now held at St. Paul's church, Cerro Concepción. The carols were sung by the school choirs of the local british school association with organ/piano accompaniment. Indeed, the atmosphere of the older anglican church, its acoustic and organ helped to keep this reading and musical service with a nice and homely feeling that helped to make it an oustanding service, endeavour organised by the local british community.
Next sunday 21th, 10:30 am. there will be another Christmas reading service for Viñamarinos at St. Peter's church, Blest Gana St., two blocks from Viña metro station.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Festival at barrio Puerto

It is quite interesting to note that the older barrio puerto is still considered a dangerous neighbourhood of town. This stigma around the neighbourhood surrounding the docks at the puerto have been almost always there. Formerly was the red light district or barrio chino. Many names to describe the precarious way of life and especially night life present there. For foreign sailors was the way of life they were acustomed to find in main ports. It was their sailor town.... Nowadays, current foreign navy sailors may have it even as Valpo's red light off limit zone like is was recommended not long ago for an US navy task force visiting town.
Now, local citizens want to claim back their barrio with a music festival next Thurday at plaza Echaurren from 15 hrs. onwards.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bier tasting

Biers have been made in Chile since 1829, when the irishman Andrew Blest started to brew his own make for his friends and customers in Valparaiso. Later on, from 1850s onwards the german traditional biers started to be made in Valdivia and Valparaiso. Since those years, chilean biers have had their up and downs with the consolidation of a single holding company CCU who bought most makers throught the XX century. The results, just a few years ago only very few types of biers.... maybe 6 with the Lager pilsener style with Cristal and Escudo brands, and the darker bitter Malta Morenita making for most of all biers available in the country. Nowadays, CCU along with Cervecerias Chile and Brahma are the big boys, but over 60 smaller biermakers are doing different style biers in Chile. Among them are Cervecera del Puerto in Valpo and Kross in Curacaví.... Therefore, in order to know about these biers and the many today available imported from overseas it make necessary to try out the new and old biers with a new perspective like the monthly bier tasting held at the Bar El irlandés with master biermakers such as Asbjorn Gerlach from Kross who made us taste good high octanage alcoholic biers lastnight.... a real try......
We started with biers with just over 6 alcoholic degrees and we ended with biers with 10.5 to over 12%. A lot of them different, some almost superb.... really good Centenario and Bock kross, plus a number of belgian and german styles....
We started with five different biers
And when I left we had tried out at least 7 more.
Check at El Irlandés for dates for the next bier tasting.... it is a must.
Further info on Biers check:

Andean music fiesta in Valpo

Perhaps no many know about the folks from northern Chile, their offspring and friends who celebrate andean festivities in Valpo with music in the older andean fashion way. These oustanding musicians invite to celebrate the season's change with traditional andean music from the altiplano next Monday 15th, 22hrs. at the concert hall of the bar-pub La Tertulia (Esmeralda 1083) by three traditional woodwind bands located around Valpo's area. Lakitas del Arak Saya, Lakitas matriasaya (just women) and Apthapi andean band. Tickets. $1000. More info: . email

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rockodromo 2008

Every year the Escuelas de rock programme from the Consejo de la Cultura organises this festival who rocks on high decibels the best of chilean rock music in open spaces in Valpo. This year is due from December 18 to 20th with bands such as Niño Problema, El Cruce, Juana Fé, Cholomandinga, La Mano Ajena, & Florcita Motuda.
Jueves 18 de diciembre:

10:00 / 19:00 hrs. Feria de sellos. Hall Central CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
10:30 / 12:00 hrs. Mesa redonda. Tema: El futuro de la música. Invitados: Tito Escárate, Carlos Salazar, David Ponce y Gonzalo Planet. Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
12:00 / 14:00 hrs. Presentación musical de las bandas Aéreo, Adhesivo y Salpica. Plaza Aníbal Pinto, Valparaíso.
12:00 / 14:00 hrs. Presentación musical de Tito Escárate (Muralla China) y Pancho Sazo (Congreso). “Sala de Ensayo”, Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
16:00 / 18:00 hrs. Presentación musical de Angelo Pierattini (Weichafe). “Sala de Ensayo”, Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
18:30 / 20:00 hrs. Presentación musical de Achira + Juanitamela. “Sala de Ensayo”, Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
21:30/ 24:00 hrs. Concierto “De noche en los balcones”, con Nano Stern, Manuel García y Chinoy. Plaza Aníbal Pinto, Valparaíso.
Viernes 19 de diciembre
10:00 / 19:00 hrs. Feria de sellos. Hall Central CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
10:30 / 12:00 hrs. Mesa redonda. Tema: El futuro del rock chileno. Invitados: Fabio Salas, Rene Cevasco, Javier Chamas y Marisol García. Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
12:30 / 14:30 hrs. Presentación musical de Trío Los Chuchos y Payo Grondona. “Sala de Ensayo”, Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
16:00 / 17:30 hrs. Presentación musical de Bruno Godoy, baterista de Sinergia. “Sala de Ensayo”, Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
18:00 / 20:00 hrs. Presentación musical de Matías Cena, Diego Peralta y Natalia Molina. “Sala de Ensayo”, Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
18:00 / 20:00 hrs. Presentación de Escuelas de Hip Hop. Con Jimmy Fernandez (Ex La Pozze Latina), Legua York y Guerrillero Oculto + grupos de break dance Tormenta al Ataque, Gravedad Cero y For Estilo. Plaza Aníbal Pinto.
21:30 / 24:00 hrs. Rockumentales: Documentales + Música en Vivo. Documentales de Alejandra Fritis sobre Payo Grondona (”Payo en serio”, 55 mins.) y Alvaro Peña (”Alvaro de Valparaiso”, 55 mins.). Se presentan los músicos Camila Moreno y Mauricio Redolés. Teatro Municipal de Valparaíso. Av. Uruguay 410 (esquina Pedro Montt), Valparaíso.
Sábado 20 de diciembre
10:00 / 19:00 hrs. Feria de sellos. Hall Central CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso
12:30 / 14:30 hrs. Presentación musical de Gepe. “Sala de Ensayo”, Zócalo CNCA. Plaza Sotomayor, 233, Valparaíso.
15:00 / 24:00 Muelle Barón. Escenario Central. Se presentan:
Bateros Unidos (Moncho Pérez, de Angel Parra Trío - Bruno Godoy, de Sinergia - Mauricio Hidalgo, de Weichafe)Bajista Project (Ernesto Holman, Jorge Campos y Cristian Gálvez), Niño Problema, Killterri, Kadekill, El Cruce, Nano Stern. Manuel García, Chinoy, Chocloneta, Kekoyoma, Morales, Lilits, La Cuchufleta, Cholomandinga, Los Ex, Florcita Motuda, Trypode, Juana Fe, La Mano Ajena, Weichafe

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Arabian festival at Quilpué

Chile holds the world's largest palestinian community outside the Middle East so it is not so strange to have arabic cultural festivals. In this fashion the Quilpué municipality and the Club Unión Arabe organise the IV Festival "Árabes en Chile" at the main square off Quilpué railway station showcasing foods, handicrafts, dance and music by Conjunto Folclórico Dabke del Club Unión Árabe de Valparaíso & Viña del Mar "Al Ard" and the arabian music orchestra. Date: Saturday 6th from 18 hrs. onwards at plaza de Quilpué.

Coffee Morning 2008

The Instituto Chileno Británico de Cultura de Valparaíso invites to the yearly handicrafts & pastries exhibition called “Coffee morning”, traditional activity organised by the Ladie´s Guild de la Iglesia Anglicana St. Peter´s de Viña del Mar.
Coffee or tea with homemade cookies, handicrafts, marmalades & pastries made with traditional british recipies, as well as second hand english language books will be offered. There will be an opening with bagpipe music. This is a non profit cultural and leisure endeavour where all gotten income is donated to local charity organisations. Date/Place: Friday December 5th from 10.30 to 13.30 at the Instituto Chileno Británico de Cultura de Valparaíso (3 Norte esquina 1 Oriente, Viña del Mar). Further info:,, or phones 32-2971061 o 32-2977589.