Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Galician Day in Viña

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Galician folk instruments in Viña

From July, Tuesday 24th to thurday 26th galician exhibition and showroom at Viña`s municipal theater.
 Just after setting up 5 kinds of galician bagpipes in their showcases.....In the photo student bagpipes.
 C/G diatonic Melodeon
 Reeds or palletas, The double reed making the piercing sound of the gaitas.
 Bandurrias, mandolinas and laúd.... the traditional instruments of the urban folk tunas & estudiantinas along with the open pages showing galician lyrics of the classic novel, La Casa de La Troya

 Instrument infography of the exhibition.
 Videos on galician history, traditions, music & instruments (in Spanish and galician).
 Hurdy gurdy or zanfoña, the medieval traditional a boxwood gaita.
Poster at the gates of the Viña's municipal theater. More info & programme at: .