Friday, January 06, 2012

Bagpipe Gaita workshop/ Taller

During our VIII FIMIV we had several gaita workshops with prof. Kiko Montero de Muinheiros do Sarela de Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), who taught us many little tricks to start playing as we have to do the traditional galician gaita.
Now, with Paulo Bahamonde (Tafechu) and the Centro cultural Amigos de Galicia we are about to start a Gaita school/workshop for any one interested on saturday morning starting at the end of January.... So if you like this sound and you want to learn to play some tunes we ahve the way through our workshop..... Other kind of bagpipes in 440 as the asturian, french cornemuses, border pipes, some smallpipes etc. (see my collection bellow) are welcome too to do a sideline workshop if there is a minimun number of interested people.....
Ahora, junto a Paulo Bahamonde (Tafechu) y el Centro cultural Amigos de Galicia se abrirá un taller de gaita comenzando los sábados en la mañana a fin de Enero. Interesados contactarse con o

Bagpipes/Gaitas from top to bottom/de arriba a abajo: Gaita Seivane con ronqueta y chillón en Do, Gaita da escola de Vigo en Do, Garvie Border pipe en La, border pipe practise set A, Lauriebeck D smallpipe set, German hummelchen en Do, Dunfion switchback smallpipe set en La.