Friday, April 29, 2011

Duoc L. Cousiño/La Ratonera inauguration

This view of a recreated old Valpo with a marching band across the L. Cousiño building

The Luis Cousiño Building inauguration by the DUOC UC foundation school also known as a destroyed rubble named la ratonera was really a blast, recreating the surrounding street with near 400 actors as it was around the 1900s, the belle époque of Valparaiso.
This was a famous building inaugurated the first time around 1883.
Our crew from the centro cultural Placeres as they were just before 1900s.
The leading players of the cultural center impersonating a widow and a herbalist folk vendor.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Orellana Bookstore demise

Another blow for our city, Librería Orellana, along with Libreria Ivens, is perhaps the oldest bookstore in town..... Last week it just closed down. Surviving bookstores left.... you can count them with one hand...... and this is a city with over a quarter million inhabitants..... Oh tempora Oh mores.