Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The carcel is back for concerts

The Old Jail is a strange public spot named as a cultural center on top of the Carcel hill. For a number of years there have been many artists doing workshops and from time to time doing concerts mostly organised around rock music. Nevertheless, for a while this public space has been in some kind of limbo off limits about its final demise or the new building of a cultural center based on a sketch by the famous brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer... No many people agrees on this particular plan... So it is good news to listen that we do have new concerts back on that public space to defend it from what?.... Niemeyer plan, some other hidden agenda ? This week concert on saturday 16.

Rottweil accordeon orchestra in Valpo

Valparaiso has had its own unique Hohner accordeon orchestra since the late 1930s mixing popular and classical music in accordeon. So an accordeon orchestra is no a strange sound to locals... Therefore, this week we will have accordeon sounds perfoming Edvard Grieg, Curt Mahr, Rudolf Würthner & Dimitri Schostakowitsch music, among other authors by the german “Rottweil accordeon orchestra”, in a concert next friday August 15 at the USM aula magna, 19 hrs.
This 22 strong accordeon and string players ensemble was founded in 1985 at Rottweil, a german town founded by the romans 73 AC. Its 27 members are directors from other regional orchestras plus maestros and young talented accordeon players.

Primera Parte

Edvard Grieg
Präludium “Aus Holbergs Zeit”

Curt Mahr
Konzertino in G

Rudolf Würthner
Schweizerische Rhapsodie

Jacob de Haan
Concerto d’Amore
Variazioni in blue

Hans-Günther Kölz
Bienvenuto a Venezia

Dimitri Schostakowitsch
Waltz No. 2

Segunda Parte

Ronan Padraig Hardiman
The Lord of the Dance

Waldir de Azevedo

Froher Start zur Schwarzwaldfahrt

Timple Boarischer

Ernst-Thilo Kalke
Samba Negra

Rick Davies & Roger Hodgson
Supertramp Greatest Hits

Hubert Giraud
Sous le ciel de Paris

Rolf Schneebiegl:
Trossinger Stadtpfeifermarsch