Friday, June 22, 2012

San Juan & Fiesta de la Música

 This coming weekend celebrates the changing season locally called Noche de San Juan, the mapuche new year We tripantu or internationally Fête de la Musique o Fiesta de la Música. The larger open public venues made before at squares in Valpo have been proposed to be moved for December 21th celebrating our longest day beginning our Summer. So this time everything will be indoors.
 So what we have today to celebrate..... tonight the Día de la Música  at the Alianza Francesa with Bossa Nova, chansons de France, celtic and galician music with Nova Galicia, & baroque Music with ensamble Alta Voce.
Tomorrow, as every year the local asturian community will celebrate from 9 pm onwards with local british, galician and asturian folk bands such as Tafechu la Nueche de San Xoan at the estadio español de Recreo (Viña), and finally late in the night chilean musician poets will challenge each other playing and singing décimas at the teatro museo at plaza Bismark (Valpo).