Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bagpiping for St Pat's day in Valpo

Saint Patrick day in Valpo has a main place to gather irish music and green beer.... El Irlandés.... with a very noisy crowd were the only unamplified instruments able to be heard are the bagpipes.

This thursday is a busy day, bagpiping all around the place for St. Patrick festivities starting playing galician gaitas, scottish border pipes, scottish & english smallpipes plus a german dudelsack hummelchen at the Colegio inglés San Patricio (Viña del Mar) in the morning. At noon at the Escuela de Administración de la Universidad de Valparaiso, later in the evening at the SSR chapel to end the day at the wild party at Bar el Irlandés......
and in between I have to teach..... sursum corda....It will be a day full of green spirits...... more in article published at La Estrella newspaper.