Friday, February 11, 2011

Ex libris & book collecting

Old fashion reference works like encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and the like are beginning to disappear from homes vis-a-vis newer multimedia and internet reference sources. Nevertheless, even with e-books at hand we have discovered that the ability to process new knowledge when is electronically delivered seems to be slower or lighter as compared with the paper. Therefore, the general out of fashion & outdated paper reference works start to be the gain of some people like us... bibliophiles who collect classic general reference items like Encyclopedia Britannica, Collier´s, Salvat, Larousse or Americana for a very low price tag.
Valparaíso, Santiago and B. Aires are good places to get hold of copies of Spanish language general encyclopedias like Monitor (1970s), Espasa-Calpe (1950s-90s), Salvat (1970s-2000s), Durvan (1970s-1980s), Hispanica (1990s-2000s), Oceano (1990s-2000s) and Sopena (1960-70s); English language references like Britannica (1911-1990s), Collier's (1960s), World book (1960s-80s), and less frequently French and German language like Brockhaus (1950s-70s) or Larousse (1960s-90s).
Oceano published in the 90s even a 4 volume Enciclopedia de Chile that often is found in used bookstores and flea markets.... the places to look for used books in Valpo: Feria La Merced in plaza O'higgins, sector Bellavista esq. Blanco; used bookstores at Cumming street, San Ignacio esq. P.Montt, P. Montt facing the congress building next to the Rodoviario bus station, and Av. Independencia esq. Gral. Cruz.
So if you like reading and you have space at home try classic reference works you might enjoy.... Otherwise, we always have some available copies for trading. Interested mainly in natural history, science, & earth if you have any questions contact us.