Monday, January 31, 2011

Autoiris at Festival de las artes 2011

The Autoiris rainbow painting street project by the Generik vapeur troupe was an amazing success within the framework of the new old Festival de las artes last saturday.... It was the only street venue within the festival this year.... The idea was to paint on a street parade 7 old Fiat 600 cars representing 7 hill neighbourhoods (AKA cerros) around town.
My cerro is Placeres, and as a member of their centro cultural I played the bagpipes along the parade mixing my sound with the electronic musical flavour given by the musicians of the Generik vapeur troupe while my comrades painted the car blue....
Indeed saturday evening was a blast.......

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Restoring instruments/ arreglando instrumentos

I wonder how an instrument collection changes through time.... catch and release policy I guess.... Since the photo taken 5 years ago my collection has changed over 10% I suppose.... new old axes to restore and most of them to release.... now with a croatian gusli, a palestinian rehab and a chilean/spanish octavina to complete their fixing through our southern summer
and adding/fixing galician, scottish and medieval bagpipes. All of them available for workshops too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking for books in Viña

Books are rather an expensive item in Chile so book fares like the one organised at the Liceo de Niñas de Viña for 29 years in a row are a good opportunity to get some books for a good price.... of course, it is a small but indeed is what we get every summer overhere.
A different matter are private libraries like my friend Geraldo Ojeda library (above) or like myself (below) who like many others, we look for used bargains at the Feria de la Merced (Plaza O'Higgins) or Av Argentina flea markets every weekend.