Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Instrument showcase at Esmeralda Street

Ethnic musical instruments such as mandolins, lutes, bandolas and the likes have been very popular through the ages in our port so this year we have recreated a showcase with some historic samples of some of these instruments as they were shown a hundred years ago, including some of the same instruments that were sold and played at this same spot a century ago.
Here you could see both images, located at the old Hotel Colón building.  The recent one at the top, with our showcase (now Fotocafé Esmeralda 1111) as compared  with the bottom one taken at this same spot (at that time Esmeralda 85) dated around 1905.
Yes, indeed, a hundred years ago, on this same spot there was a music shop called Kirsinger, which had a showcase pretty alike to the one we recreated for the IX Festival inmigrante de Valparaiso just 3 weeks ago, without the piano and acordeons to have it as it was around the turn of the century.