Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cuecas choras workshop

"un Decreto de Policía de Buen Orden,con fecha 21 de mayo de 1823, prohibe las chinganas, ramadas, juegos de bolos, ruedas de fortuna, loterías privadas, rifas y carreras de caballo, sin previa licencia de la Intendencia". A 180 years ago, this goverment ordinance tried to regulate the chilean passion for dancing and games in the city. Now the Universidad Arcis Valparaíso, is starting to set up their own chingana inviting everybody to learn chilean traditional dancing at the "Taller de Cueca Chora". More info at Baquedano 8 esq. Av. Francia, phone 32-2230332 or mail: The workshop is free. Sessions on tuesdays and thursdays from June 17th to September 5th, at 19.00 horas in the Salón de Conferencias de Baquedano.