Friday, May 16, 2008

Sea shanties Workshop

Since a few weeks ago there is a workshop class at the IPA institute, Condell 1349, every thursday at 1730 hrs. It is not like other free workshops offered there. It is a singing workshop leaded by Juan Jimenez teaching the old traditional sea songs or shanties. Most of them translated to Spanish with a few stanzas in the original language.
Perhaps only a few of the Valparaiso citizens know about this musical tradition that in many ports around the world still reminds the name of this cityport. There are many recording with some of these songs that recall the name of Valparaiso. From Sting in Mercury Falling to sea shanty choirs... we do find many examples of these songs calling Valpo by its name...
More on shanties CD releases on Valpo at:
Girls of Valparaiso
Valparaiso round the Horn
I also collected shanties I got long ago and have written some articles for local newspapers and reviews. e.g.