Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garbage Festival-Muelle Baron

For a couple of days we had a beach clean up with an awareness music festival called festival de la basura that set up an open stage at the old muelle Barón. A number of good bands showed at this free stage.. among them... rock bands such as DIFUNTOS CORREA, TAKO (Spain), TRÉBOL, 2X, HIC SUNT LEONES; the folk bands CUMBRES DE CHILE, BRAMADOR, plus a tropical band "El príncipe y los coyotes" .
So before these bands performed during this wekeend in Valpo we were getting this artistic clean up during the day by boys and girls from schools, boys scouts, plus other firemen and navy volunteers who cleaned the beaches surrounding the muelle Barón and washed with the fireman aid some dirty alleys (callejón de los meaos) at the port area as an activity from the Festival de la basura.