Friday, May 16, 2008

Pubs at Bellavista

Pubs in Chile are rather a mix of disco and a bar. In Valpo most of these have sizes just around and below the 100 m2 to allow to have a smoking policy they prefere. If they have more than 100 m they would need to have two separate spaces for smokers and non smokers. Anyway, most local pubs are clustered around the subida Ecuador-Bellavista-Errazuriz and the Puerto neighbourhoods. In some streets such as Blanco and Ecuador, any block may have 5 or more of them.
The largest ones such as El Huevo and La Piedra Feliz may have 3 or more dancing/concert halls, restaurant plus bar. La Piedra feliz has even a small hostel on the other side of the building. Others so called pubs such bar LaTorre and many others on Brasil Av. are just noisy watering holes selling cheap beer to students.