Friday, May 16, 2008

Casa Amarilla

Casa amarilla is a music shop born as a commercial society in Santiago and Valparaiso on yellow painted shops in the 1920s. For almost a century it gathered porteño musicians and music lovers at their shop on Pedro Montt avenue. It sold guitars, mandolins, other string instruments, woodwinds, all kinds of recordings and even scores from their own printing. Regrettably, the shop at Valparaiso was outdated and didn't last to see our days... Finally, this Pedro Montt shop closed and auctioned everything it had three years ago.
A good remembrance written in Spanish a while ago recalls the time when it was the major music shop of the city. A few of us were at the closing last day when everything was sold on open auction.... We were the lucky ones to get the last and only acoustic Salvador Ibanez Calace Constellation archtop guitar n°2000 that was hanging on the wall at the owner´s office for over 50 years... It hadn't been even setup or played and now it has nicely opened up and probably it is one of the most cherished of the guitars of our collection. After the demise of the Valpo's Casa amarilla, the owners from Santiago´s Casa amarilla now called Casamarilla have set shop at Quinta St. in Viña, so the name somewhat still lives on.... but it is never the same....