Sunday, May 25, 2008

After the rain at Yolanda

The original idea about improving the drainage system and pavement at the access area of Placeres Hill has created an innuendo and complains about its results. First, they are replacing the old cemented or iron piping by mostly plastic piping. Second, they are replacing the older historical stone sett pavement by just more concret pavement erasing by this act the only cobblestone street still existent in this old neighbourhood. Where is the world heritage city?
The first large rainstorm of the year left over 100 mm over two days creating by runoff erosion crevasses on the bottom of the intervened area. A sandy bedding was supporting under the cobblestones and stone setts, plus more sand left by the contractors, and a weathered granodiorite at the bottom that was eroded as maicillo (quartz and feldspars grains mostly).
All these sediments were carried by the sudden runoff on the slope of the Placeres and Amalia Paz (cutout) street reaching the flat area around Yolanda keeping a flooded area almost erasing the trafick flow between Valparaiso and Viña del Mar at av España last Tuesday night.
The aftermath, over twentuy truckloads were needed to clean the area around Yolanda. Just another negligent act made by the contractors in charge of this public work. Who pays the bill.... chileans would say Moya... meaning the goverment and tax payers.
Futhermore, OREMI reported that 10 houses bordering the slopes of the Amalia Paz cutout (below) are in danger because of the negligent behaviour of the contractors and their overseers, (City Hall or SERVIU)? . Big question....