Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carmen Corena & Cinzano

The Cinzano restaurant is perhaps the most famous traditional bar restaurant in Valparaiso, where you could eat good (bueno), the old place is nice (bonito), it has its bohemian atmosphere, and rather not expensive (barato). As a summary, despite some may consider this place overated, it has the three spanish BBB.... bueno, bonito y barato. The last point especially given when you consider the people who sing there, Carmen Corena & Manuel Fuentealba plus their musicians, who have been a main part of the musical framework of this cityport for nearly 50 years.
Carmen Corena is the most beloved singer from Valparaiso, professionally singing for almost 50 years at different stages from the Casino in Viña to her cherished old Cinzano bar, where many have been able to listen her singing her latin american repertoire every week after 10 pm. Now, she is facing a difficult ordeal because this last week her heart brought her ill to the hospital Van Buren. We wish her the best.... More on her at: