Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fiesta de Reyes in Valpo

Traditionally the Fiesta de Reyes is celebrated through the Hispanic world, especially in Spain, la Madre Patria on January 6th. On this opportunity is was celebrated during a sunny afternoon on Friday the 5th at the Estadio Español de Recreo, Viña, where there was a large party retelling the magi story for the children at the chapel. There was also galician pipeband music for the Reyes and the kids. Myself playing the redish gaita along with Alejandro with his Seivane bagpipe and Pepiño on the drums.....who was the only real born galician in the trio.
More in Spanish at:
http://juventudcue.blogspot.com/2007/01/fiesta-de-reyes-enero-2006.html donde también se contó con la participación de una delegación de gaitas de la colectividad gallega, en un día de mucho calor.