Monday, July 03, 2006

Banda Celtamericana going to Coquimbo

We have been awarded a state grant from Fondo de la Música (Fondart) 2006 supporting our next tour CD Puerto Celta of the Banda Celtamericana that will take us through three chilean regions starting this month, now in the northern region of Coquimbo, later through the southern spring in the central zone of Valparaiso and, finally at the beginning of the new year down south at Los Lagos. Besides the Fondo de la Música grant, we are being co-sponsored in the tour by the municipalities of La Serena and Paihuano, the British Council and Bignoise music.
Starting on July 22th we will be visiting and playing free shows along with our dancers at La Serena and localities at Paihuano in the Coquimbo region, and from September onwards in Limache, Quillota, Casablanca and San Felipe in Valparaiso region. More details concerning this tour will be published soon.
Our updated calendar is the following:

- July 22th at Teatro municipal de La Serena, 20 hrs.
- July 24th at Anfiteatro Horcón, Pueblo de los Artesanos, 19 hrs.
- July 26th at Multicancha Escuela Pisco Elqui, 19 hrs.
- July 28th at Teatro Municipal de Paihuano, 20 hrs.