Thursday, June 22, 2006

Old Valpo's other names

Old Valpo or Vallipo was the name given by sailors to Valparaiso. It was one of the main sailortowns that gathered peoples from all over the world in the so called puerto section of town.
A hundred years ago, sailing ships still called this harbour as home town and their crews usually lived for a while in the sailortown portion of Valpo. Most of these sailors came from the western european shores, and with them their musical traditions. One of these traditions born on board was the shanty singing, working songs that had a mixture of folk european rhythms plus a beat of african Caribbean. A number of them name Valpo and even a few tell stories about it and its people during that age. For example, the hilltops such as those above cerros Alegre (Pleasant), and Cordillera were called as the ship's mats portions.... Fore, main, and mizentop with the main throughfare around which sailorpubs, brothels and boarding houses were situated called Gafftop's street by this same crews.