Monday, January 15, 2007

BC touring southern Chile

Our banda Celtamericana starts a gig tour through southern Chile. The confirmed venues will take the BC to play at cities, and resorts through the southern lake regions. Most of these venues are free and those at Osorno, Puerto Octay and Puerto Montt (look at the poster image above) are the last leg of a touring grant we got from the Fondo Nacional de la Música of the chilean National Council of the Arts. The schedule for the forthcoming venues is the following:

18-01 Jornadas Culturales PUC Gimnasio Villarrica, 21 hrs
20-01 Galpón arte Pucón, (tarde informal) calle Colo Colo 343
21-01 Galpón Arte Pucón, 22 hrs. $2500
25-01 Salón Lámpara, Centro cultural de Osorno, Matta 556,20 hrs.
26-01 Anfiteatro Av. Costanera Puerto Octay, 20 hrs
27-01 Pub Luna roja, Alpatacal 117, Puerto Montt, 23 hrs. $2000
28-01 Teatro Diego Rivera, Quillota 126, Puerto Montt, 20 hrs.