Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Puerto celta et al

It has been a year since we ended the recording of this CD that outlasted the band born as Nimloth in 2002. Two of the former members, David and Pilar left the group to start a new band Riveira and the remainder 4 members started a new project focused more on the fusion of latin american folk music within the celtic framework so we called it banda celtamericana. Riveira started its way with a showcase its 4 founding members with the Clan celta in Coquimbo, and since then under the leadership of David Letelier, and after Pilar left the band has included 3 new members focusing more in the galician and irish traditional music.
Meanwhile, through 2006 Banda celtamericana was awarded a state grant that allowed them to tour north and southern Chile showing the CD already recorded in 2005 trough cities and towns in the north at the Elqui valley such as Horcones, Pisco Elqui, Paihuano, and La Serena, at the area surrounding Valparaiso in cities such as Quillota, Llayllay, and Casablanca. Finally, during the southern summer it toured in the south through towns such as Villarica, Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Octay and Puerto Montt.
Now an update, the work started when the banda celtamericana's founding members still were known as members of Nimloth had an experience doing the music for a documentary film on Gabriela Mistral by Luis Vera released in 2005. That seminal work, later got a new update and compilation, some of it composed while touring at the same Elqui valley where this Nobel prize lived her younger years. This work was recorded at the end of 2006, and one of its songs Mi Niña (Miedo) was finalist (5 of 298 accepted competing songs) in the pop genre at the Luis Advis national composition awards of 2006. New developments came in with the new year when the banda celtamericana got news that had been selected with a travel grant by the cultural affaires directorate of the chilean foreign office to tour UK (England, Scotland and Ireland).
A new update, this european tour called "Banda celtamericana en tierras celtas" was done through July of 2007 being a terrific experience and getting great feedback from UK audiences at the places where they played showing its new CD Celtamericana.