Friday, July 18, 2008

Organ concerts in Valpo

Whereas in Viña you may find regular services using organ in a few churches such as the Benedectine church at Chorrillos. In Valpo, we do have just two churches where on a regular basis we might find a
organ concert or regular services using this complex and old instrument. These churches are the St Paul's Anglican church at Cerro Concepción and the Sagrados Corazones Church at Independencia Street. These two churches host two older instruments. The St Paul's anglican instrument made by Foster & Andrews (Hull) was dedicated to Queen Victoria before 1903. The Sagrados Corazones organ (photos above) is a french Airtide Cavaillé-Coll instrument brought by Pére Démarais to Valpo in 1871. It has 24 registers, 1380 pipes. It was restored after the 1906 earthquake, with the restoration of its original pipes mix of tin, lead and silver. The last restoration of its gear was done a couple of years ago. So if anyone would like to listen organ music you might drop at the anglican Church any sunday around 12:30 to follow a programme that is regularly scheduled in the web or more irregularly the Sagrados corazones church like next week on the 23th at 1900.
More info on Valpo's organs