Monday, July 14, 2008

Lost in transit

Over 1600 luggage pieces lost in transit or forgotten at the Santiago airport are going to be auctioned tomorrow by airport and Pudahuel municipality authories. Precisely this is what happen to many travellers going away o coming back through multiple airports. These travellers or more often their valuable cargo every so often get lost in transit. Those coming to Valparaiso from Europe have to get through hubs such as Frankfurt, Paris or Madrid whereas those coming from North America get through other hubs such as New York, Atlanta, Miami or L.A. Finally the traveller and their belongings arrive to Santiago and from there travel to their cities north, south or to the seashore like Valparaiso.
So it was our experience last year returning with banda celtamericana from an UK tour. Regrettably, the airlines that took us back to Chile (Lufthansa and Aircomet) lost a good portion of our luggage (9 pieces) and it took to them over a month to get 5 of these pieces back to us. The remaining 4 pieces containing mostly musical instruments never appeared (nunca más se supo). So when we heard the news about this luggage exhibition prior to the public auction we had to give it a last chance. The airline operators are of no avail to find our stuff so maybe it might be resting with this bunch to be auctioned. We weren't fortunate enough our stuff was not visible there, but we felt sorry for the many who like us lost thir luggage.... there was even a Gibson J185 EC, a wonderful and pricy guitar (see below), we presume originally belonging to some musician that still should be regretting its lost.