Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Carnaval cultural de Valparaiso 2007 & Banda Celtamericana

After Christmas of every year we have this festival called Carnavales culturales de Valparaiso, which is the largest state run street festival in the country.... it uses all available theaters, halls and squares in town during three days ending in a large parade through one of the main streets of Valparaiso. To be part of it there is an annual national and regional selection of all the arts along with a selected foreign city .... representing in that way the best of recent plays, music concerts, painting exhibitions, literary exhibitions, movies, etc. For the banda celtamericana, this is the second time their music project is selected.... The first time it was in 2005 under the name Nimloth-Puerto celta doing traditional celtic music, and this time as one of the three music projects representing Valparaiso region in an open stage for world music at the national Congress Senate gates, most likely owed to their recent Gabriela Mistral homage CD and the new work fusing traditional chilean folk music to celtic rhythms.