Friday, October 19, 2007


Sula, the Danish Scot folk band is coming to visit us in Valparaiso. The first time they visited us was in 2005 for or III FIMIV2005. But who are these musicians.... SULA is the Latin and the Faroese name for the gannet, the albatross of the north. Sula lives on the wing and on the sea, landing on rocky cliffs only to nest. Sula flies over the northern oceans and the coasts that bred this music. The trio SULA originally met up at a folk festival on the Faroes in the late eighties, and have since played in Denmark, Germany, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and now once again Chile. SULA has as trademark their unique mix of traditional and newer Scots and Scandinavian songs and tunes. Cultures that have never been far from each other, but each with their own distinctive historical colouring, the Scots and the Nordic traditions have common roots lost in time. SULA brings them up to date with an understated yet energetic touch that lets the melodies and songs speak for themselves. while in Chile they will be performing at the teatro municipal de Viña on October 28th, Centro cultural de Osorno on the 31th, FIMIV2007 at the teatro municipal de Valparaiso November 4th, and sala SCD Bellavista de Santiago earlier on the same day. More info and music at: