Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cases and gigbags

Affordable cases and gigbags for non standard string instruments different than guitars and violin mean a challenge in countries like Chile. Almost every available case in a music shop will be the standard classical guitar size (O), plus less frequently the folk guitar sizes (OO, OOO, Dreadnought locally known as guitarrón, and Jumbo). Almost all of them made in Asia. Therefore, unless you comission a handmade custom size in some small shop, there is no other alternative than accommodating when possible an inner suitcase for your instrument using some of the available standard sizes for axes such as the banjo, bouzoukis and other lutes.
Gigbags are another matter, they are quite affordable but they provide limited protection to the instrument and could be commissioned for special sizes without much trouble. So at the end, almost everybody who holds a collection has to battle with these odd ends combining these two, cases and gigbags inside carry cases to move instruments for exhibitions, workshops and performances. So the photographs at the top, it shows some of the instruments belonging to my collection we move every year for a workshop-showcase we do at the Festival Inmigrante de Valparaiso we organise.