Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Musical instruments made in Chile and in Valparaiso are not a subject whose story has been accounted for the most part. A number of small shops have made all kind of quality musical instruments especially string instruments for over a century, but mostly under the label of the local companies who had contracted them such as Kirsinger.
Very few of these makers have left a school teaching its craft to others. Nevertheless, we do have some examples such as Nicanor Oporto in Valdivia and Anselmo Jaramillo in Pudahuel who have established themselves as maestros teaching to others for quite a while. Other recent experiences, more on the industrial stage such as Lito Benito, a former Taylor guitar company foreman making its own Lito Benito and Avalos brand folk guitars for export have failed but have left a school with a few of the former employees making quality custom guitars at their shops.
A few of these luthiers have some links in the web.
Nicanor Oporto makes traditional lutes and other antique reproductions. Anselmo Jaramillo is more focused on folk instruments such as the Chilean guitarrón. Eduardo Moreno Moore makes classical and folk guitars. Yelkon Montero makes traditional latin american instruments.