Monday, March 17, 2008

From music shop to chilean pub

Now and then, maybe the time changes the things quite a bit..... A hundred years ago, the largest music shop in the country was located at this corner of Esmeralda Street, the main commercial street at the plan of Valparaiso. A hundred years later, there are almost no real music shops in town but plently of the so called chilean pubs.... Most of them. no real pubs by
traditional european standards but rather a noisy combination of a disco or dancing hall and/or watering hole...... much beer and cocktails shots.... This one above like many others only opens at night and plays mostly electronic music. I figure out they have the rather strange municipal commercial patent or permit called locally as peña.... no real peña either. No food, just drinks and opening after 19:00 hr. and no in certain areas.... or better check this guy story