Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cobblestones: repairing the wrong way

Valparaiso has three original stone paving styles. "Enlosado" using schists and other metamorphic foliated rocks locally known as Lajas. "Empedrado" using smaller rounder stone pieces or cobblestones originally found most likely around streams and on the rocky shore. Finally, at least from 1856 onward the so called setts. The first ones, brought from Europe as ballast weight and originally set on the streets around the Flat (Plan) area of the port (barrio puerto). Later, locally made larger size setts with a bit more irregular shape that earlier styles being used to provide pavement on the streets and alleys of the residential areas set on the pleistocenic terraces on top of the hills. Therefore, at the end if there is no availability of the same lithologies when repairing some street sections, at least it should be used the same stoneworking styles and colours and not what is seen in the photo above.