Friday, October 31, 2008

All saint´s day choir Concert

All Saints Day is a national holiday in Chile and, as in many other Latin American countries. despite the official dia de los difuntos is the next day 2th, it is also The Day of the Dead. Although less exuberant and macabre than in Mexico, celebrations take place widely in Chile too. People honour their forbears on this day; making offerings to their ancestor's souls at masses and gravesides, holding vigils at gravesides or building shrines to deceased loved ones. Events are usually unstructured and may take place anywhere from a private household to a public square or a cemetery. One of these are choirs singing at churches. The Sagrados Corazones church is perhaps one of the oldest churches with the best acoustic for organ and choir music in Valpo. So this free concert by the Advenir Choir with the U. de Chile orchestra is one that nobody should miss November 1th at 18 hr. Iglesia Sagrados Corazones, Independencia 2086.