Sunday, August 02, 2009

hispanic citterns again

Some years ago I had written on my Hispanic citterns, or cistros. As today from left to right: Lonestar Santiago cuatro puertoriqueño, Don José cuatro puertoriqueño, Silvana laúd tiple, L. Aróstegui Granados tenor Laúd, Vicente Sanchís tenor Laúd, APC Coimbra fado guitar, Kirsinger Bandola, Bambuco bandola. When I started with a cuatro puetoriqueño as a tenor plectrum instrument to play along with my mandolin in the States 15 years ago, I never thought that through trade in and sales I would end with this picture of my current collection as today with a viola braguesa on the way.... and still looking for to complete it with another bandola, an octavina from Philippines, and it might be a laudon from Valencia, so if anybody has an older strange string instrument I am always available for trade/sale. Como siempre pueden contactarnos por instrumentos de cuerda metálica o de púa para canje/venta disponibles o a pedido. En este momento un laúd (oud) turco, mandola tenor italiana, mandola octavo Musikalia, & cuatro puertoriqueño.